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364 Days of VOCALOID

I’m sorry, I gave up


the everyday drawing life just did not choose me

Actually I just couldn’t be bothered :’3c

I might keep this blog around or close it, or I could keep it for posting any VOCALOID fanarts I do every so often (I might change the name then). If I do the third option then I’ll change the blog name /o/
What would you like me to do with this?

Just a Miku today!!
(Today&#8217;s was later than usual&#8230; //sweats)
A quick painted Meiko for day 09&#160;o(-&lt;
KAITO V3!! I like this design better than his original&#8212; = v =
Ahhh I accidentally missed a day so I’ll make up for it by drawing 2 pictures later… q - q
Rin and Len (again) in another one of my favourite songs, Death Should Not Have Taken Thee!
Today&#8217;s doodle is kinda messy (and late :3c)
Rin and Len in Soleil!! It was fun drawing their outfits!
I&#8217;m not very good at drawing Kaito //weeps
I actually haven&#8217;t drawn IA before q w q
even though she&#8217;s one of my favourites&#8230;
Day 2!! &gt; 3 &lt;
Miku&#8217;s hair is always so fun to draw!